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【學術演講】2016/11/28(一) 12:10 陳娟瑜老師─Bridging the gaps between research and practice: A staggering baby step
時間:105年11月28日 (一) 12:10 – 13:00
題目:Bridging the gaps between research and practice: A staggering baby step.
Recognition is growing of the role that social environment can play in shaping youngsters’ risk of alcohol and substance use problems. This presentation is built upon two broad lines of research in which I am recently engaged. The first one, building upon an on-going prospective cohort study, tackles the evolution of alcohol-related experience from childhood into young adulthood and associated development-dependent social contextual factors. The second one, operating through the multidisciplinary collaboration, strives to develop intervention strategies to reduce underage substance use with integrating family and community into the element matrix. Experiences and hurdles encountered in the process bridging etiology-oriented research to evidence-based practice will be shared and discussed.
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